KIT Center MathSEE

Information on MathSEE call for proposals for seed funds and funding for worskhops

Deadline for the current calls is 28. August. 2020


Objective and brief description
The MathSEE project funding for start-up projects or workshops aims at strengthening the KIT Center MathSEE as a strategic and interdisciplinary dialogue and transfer platform. This project supports test and development rooms for research ideas and promotes their renewability by generating new topics. Applicants can apply here for start-up funds, especially for idea-finding workshops and new project ideas for research networks. The project should be applied for and carried out in tandem (one person working in mathematics and methodology, one person from the SEE subjects). The aim is to initiate a research collaboration at a stage for which there is usually no third-party funding yet. Finally, these projects are to be further developed so that they serve as germ cells for the application for visible external funding.

The MathSEE project "Funding for Start-up Projects or Workshops" aims to promote women in particular and to take them into account as PIs.


Selection Criteria
The call for MathSEE Start-up and Workshop Funding is aimed at a specific type of strategic research project with the aim of promoting the potential of large research consortia and, where appropriate, outstanding individual research. The outstanding individual proposals are submitted with the prior consent of the applicant, if necessary, also in the KIT funding line "KIT-Centers Competitive".

Applications for research projects within the scope of MathSEE funding (especially start-up projects) will be evaluated according to the following selection criteria, which are oriented towards the Excellence Cluster funding criteria:

  • Potential of the planned activity to develop as a nucleus for sustainable, long-term coordinated research projects at the KIT MathSEE center
  • Potential of the planned activity, the development of the KIT Center as a strategic and to sustainably promote an interdisciplinary dialogue and transfer platform
  • Quality, originality and willingness to take risks of the research programme in the international Comparison
  • Coherence of the research programme and scientific productivity of cooperation
  • Quality of previous contributions to the research field
  • Positive effects on the future development of the research field or the opening new research areas
  • Scientific profile of the participating scientists
  • International competitiveness
  • Diversity of the group composition
  • Promotion of equal opportunities
  • Adequacy of the requested funds; resource and time planning


Funding (half-yearly)
In 2020, approximately 10 MathSEE start-up activities of 10,000 EUR each and 5 MathSEE workshops of 5,000 EUR each can still be funded, followed by approximately 5 start-up projects and 4 workshops per year.


Applicants may apply for funding in either of the two formats (kick-off and workshop). Corresponding calls usually take place every six months. Together with a follow-up application or after completion of a funded MathSEE activity, a report on the results has to be submitted by the activity coordinator (at the latest in June of the following year). Funding for applications is granted in both stages by decision of the Steering Committee according to the above mentioned selection criteria. The necessary information will be collected through an online application form.


Completion of the start-up grant and report:
By June 30th of the following year at the latest, the Steering Committee of MathSEE has to receive a short report (approx. half a DIN A4 page) which describes the further developments and results of the start-up funding. This report will be published on the MathSEE website.


Use of the budget:
The start-up funding must be spent within the current calendar year.


Contact persons
For further questions please contact the MathSEE office:
Dr Aarti Singh
Prof. Dr. Martin Frank