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Call for Proposals

Deadline for the current calls is 7.March.2020


To foster interdisciplinary research projects on mathematical methods at KIT in an early stage - particularly by junior researchers


Who can apply?:

  • Groups of at least two members of the KIT Center MathSEE at KIT, of which at least one works in the area of mathematical theory and one in applications (application for membership can be submitted together with the application for seed funds)
  • Participation of individuals from outside of KIT without funding is possible
  • It is admissable to submit several proposals per person, but not for the same proposed project


What can be funded?

  • Personnel and other costs, eg. for preparatory work for applications for extramural funding, invitation of guests, (mini)workshops, material costs in relation to jointly supervised master theses,… (no aquisition of instrumentation)
  • For every year, we estimate 110,000 Euros to be available every funding periode
  • the funding periode is 12 months
  • up to 12 proposals can be funded in each periode



Please apply online for seed funding as well as workshop funding.
Proposals can be submitted twice every year.


Selection process:

The steering committee of KIT Center MathSEE evaluates the proposals and decides on funding twice every year respectively.
The steering committee reserves the right to cut requested sums for funding.


Criteria for selection of projects are the following:

  • Likeliness of creating a new interdisciplinary research project
  • Novelty of the proposed project
  • Quality of the proposed project
  • Expertise of the applicants considering their career level
  • Relevance for MathSEE contentwise


Use of the budget:

The seed funds need to be spent within the current calendar year.


Completion of the seed funding and reporting:

A short report (half a page DIN A4 approx.) has to be submitted to the steering committee of MathSEE in June of the following year at the latest. This report should depict the developments resulting from the seed funding. The report will be published on the MathSEE website.


Contact details:

Dr. Aarti Singh, -42684, aarti.singh∂kit edu, www.mathsee.kit.edu