Workshop: Mathematics in Climate and Environmental Sciences

Joint Workshop of KIT-Centers MathSEE and ZKU

The exchange between mathematics and environmental sciences in the context of joint research projects offers both sides opportunities for great scientific progress. To foster such collaborations, the KIT centers MathSEE and Climate and Environment (ZKU) are happy to announce a joint online networking workshop on Monday, 29 March 2021 (13:00 to ca. 18:00). The goal of the workshop is to bring together teams of mathematicians and environmental scientists to develop a joint research idea and subsequently raise research funding for it. It is anticipated that MathSEE will provide matching research funding for interdisciplinary projects in April 2021 (four PhD positions 50% E13 for 3 years, 'Bridge-PhD's) for which the teams can apply. Applications in other funding formats (KIT Future Fields etc.) are of course also possible.

Do you already have an exciting interdisciplinary research idea in the topic areas covered by MathSEE-ZKU, or would you like to develop one?

Are you interested in advancing innovative ideas in an interdisciplinary way and in exchange with colleagues?

Are you looking for opportunities to position yourself in an interdisciplinary environment?

Then we cordially invite you to participate in the workshop! Simply send a brief expression of interest to zku∂ by Friday, 12 February at the latest.

The workshop will be held online. In order to use the time most effectively, we will prepare the workshop together with you, e.g., by conducting a short survey of your expertise and research interests. The preparation and execution of the workshop will be professionally supported by hrd mowat. We will inform you about the exact way of preparation and implementation after receiving your expressions of interest.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to write to zku∂ Please forward this email to other interested persons.

We are looking forward to an exciting workshop!

Best regards,

Kirsten Hennrich, Aarti Singh, Uwe Ehret, Barbara Verfürth, Julian Quinting, Sebastian Lerch, Elke Mowat (Organization team)

Martin Frank und Erwin Zehe (Spokesperson of MathSEE and ZKU)