Multiscale Effects in Mechanics Under Uncertainty Considerations

TRIANGEL Open Space Kaiserstrasse 93 Karlsruhe

KIT Center MathSEE is organising a workshop on multiscale effects in mechanics under considerations of uncertainty. Scientists from around KIT und Fraunhofer IWM will present their newest results on modeling and simulation of mechanical systems and come in dialog about areas and means of cooperation.

The workshop is planned for September 19, 2022 from 09:00 - 14:00 at TRIANGEL Open Space, Kaiserstrasse 93, 76133 Karlsruhe. We invite all scientists who see an overlap of their field of research with the topics at the workshop to kindly participate and join us.

The program is subject to revision and additions. In case you would like to have a slot at the workshop and present some ideas and results, we would like to request you to get in touch at mathsee does-not-exist.kit edu.



8:30 - 10:20 Schedule


Welcome Coffee and Introductions

Stochastic homogenization and uncertainty quantification for lifetime prediction of metal foams
Carsten Proppe (KIT-ITM)

Model Hierarchies and Probability Boxes in Structural Reliability Analysis
Jonas Kaupp (KIT-ITM)

Modeling and simulation in tribology across scales
Lukas Julian Oestringer (KIT-ITM)





10:20 - 11:30 Schedule


The data-model cycle: from uncertainty quantification to multiscale effects and back
Sebastian Krumscheid (RWTH Aachen)

The Bayesian perspective to uncertainty quantification
Mathias Trabs (KIT-STOCH)

Stochastic kinetic schemes for uncertainty propagation in multi-scale particle transport
Tianbai Xiao (KIT-IANM)






11:30 - 13:30 Schedule


Probabilistic methods in material mechanics of microheterogeneous media
Jörg Hohe (Fraunhofer IWM)

Multiscale probabilistic simulation chain for continuous modelling of fiber-reinforced injection-molded components
Luise Kärger, (KIT-FAST)

Probabilistic virtual process chain for process-induced uncertainties in fiber-reinforced composites
Nils Meyer (KIT-FAST), Johannes Görthofer (KIT-ITM), Sebastian Gajek (KIT-ITM)

Discussion over Lunch Break(60')



13:30 - 14:00         Next Steps