Call for Proposals: "Bridge PhD - Promotion of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Research"

Deadline for the current call is 15. April. 2021


Objective and brief description

Promoting interdisciplinary mathematical research lies at the core of current funding initiative at KIT-Center MathSEE. The initiative aims to strengthen collaboration between mathematicians and applied scientists and while doing this, it wants to accomplish an increased visibility for KIT-Center MathSEE as a strategic and interdisciplinary platform within and outside of KIT.

We would like to fund new ideas that are truly interdisciplinary in nature, that require mathematicians and SEE researchers to work closely together. The initiative would like to ensure that a problem-solving idea, that goes beyond the boundaries of any one discipline, is funded and that the possibility for it to develop into something larger is enabled. Your passion for science, for mathematical research, for solving problems and a clear value-addition to the society is what we aim to financially support. Both scientific excellence and innovation potential will be considered in funding evaluations.

The call for MathSEE funding for promotion of interdisciplinary mathematical research also targets at laying the foundation for deeper and closer interaction and the application of mathematical principles into other disciplines of sciences, engineering and economics. It also aims to nurture the ideas of young researchers to grow into larger research consortia and, where appropriate, into outstanding individual research.

KIT-Center MathSEE supports research ideas of women scientists and young researchers and therefore encourages them explicitly to apply.



  • Applications are required to come from tandems of researchers such that one of them engages in research in mathematical methods and the other one in application areas.
  • The project work culminates in doctoral theses that are supervised by the interdisciplinary research tandems.


Selection Criteria

Applications for research projects in the current MathSEE funding call “Bridge PhDs: Promotion of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Research” will be evaluated according to the following selection criteria, which are oriented towards the Excellence Cluster funding criteria:

  • Potential of the proposed activity to serve as a nucleus for sustainable, long-term coordinated research projects at the KIT MathSEE center
  • Potential of the planned activity to contribute towards the development of the KIT Center as a strategic partner within and outside of KIT and to sustainably promote an interdisciplinary dialogue and transfer platform
  • Quality, originality and willingness to take risks of the research program in the international Comparison
  • Coherence of the research program and scientific benefit of cooperation
  • Positive effects on the future development of the research field or the opening new research areas
  • Scientific profile of the participating scientists
  • International competitiveness
  • Diversity of the group composition
  • Promotion of equal opportunities
  • Adequacy of the requested funds; resource and time planning



For a period of 36 months, non-repayable grants up to maximum eligible costs equivalent to 50% E13 remuneration or EUR 35,000 per project per year for personnel and material expenses can be awarded under the current MathSEE funding announcement. An appropriate co-financing - at least 50% of the eligible costs - is necessary.

The funding is guaranteed for the period of 01.07.2021 – 30.06.2024. A flexible start between 01.07.2021-01.09.2021 can be accommodated.

The funding is subject to consolidation of permanent status for KIT Center MathSEE, which operates currently on a temporary basis until 31.12.2021.

A total of three (3) such grants are planned for 2021. Depending on the number of successful applications in the current call and the amount of funds available thereafter, a second call for proposals may be published in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022. 


Applicants may apply for funding by submitting a written proposal signed by both the mathematical and application scientist to the MathSEE office at aarti singhJca6∂kit edu by 15.04.2021 using the given application template. Funding for applications is granted by decision of the MathSEE Steering Committee according to the above-mentioned selection criteria. Successful candidates will be informed until the 30.04.2021.


Completion of the start-up grant and report:
60 days after completion of the funding activity, a written report should be submitted to the MathSEE Steering Committee. A template will be made available to successful projects.


Use of the budget:
The start-up funding must be spent within each calendar year and are non-repayable.


Contact persons
For further questions please contact the MathSEE office at aarti.singh∂