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Graduate School MathSEED

Interdisciplinary training

The graduate school MathSEED supports doctoral researcher in facing the challenges of interdisciplinary research. It opens and renders existing courses and also offers additional formats targeting interdisciplinary questions. Courses are open for master students as well.

MathSEE's event calender also presents interesting events.

In MathSEED, we develop specific events for doctoral researchers working at the the interface of mathematics, sciences, engineering, and economics to support them in their interdisciplinary research. This takes place in form of topical workshops.

MathSEED events are advertised via MathSEE's event calender. If you have suggestions for topics, please do not hesitate to contact Aarti Singh in the management office or via mail to aarti singhMuu5∂kit edu.


Past workshops:

- Course on Machine Learning (3 Day basic course)
19.02.2020, Bldg.20.30, SR 2.059

- A first glance at Finite Element implementation
23.10.2019, Bldg 20:30, SR 0.001, 14:00-17:00

- From modelling Equations to Scientific Simulation Code
24./25.04.2019, Bldg 20:30, SR 1.067, 14:00-17:15


Cooperating research projects offer divers events on their respective research areas, which are interesting for doctoral researchers. They are open to all in the framework of MathSEED.

Here are the event lists of the projects:

Particularly at the beginning of an interdisciplinary doctoral research project, it might be necessary to extent one's knowledge in other fields. The following selection of existing courses at KIT are meant to provide orientation as to which courses are suitable to gain solid knowledge in the respective discipline. Most of which are lectures with excercises. The language of the title indicates the language of the course. We would very much appreciate further recommendations and comments.

Chemical engineering
Title Information

Electronic and information technology
Title Information

Experimental physics
Title Information

Title Information

Künstliche Intelligenz und Medienphilosophie
Title Type Semester Place

Title Information

Meteorology and climate
Title Information

Title Information

Zentrum für Angewandte Kulturwissenschaft und Studium Generale
Titel Hinweis