RTG 2229 - Asymptotic Invariants and Limits of Groups and Spaces

  • Ansprechperson:

    Prof. Dr. Roman Sauer, Prof. Dr. Anna Wienhard

  • Förderung:


The asymptotic viewpoint in geometry provides a common framework for discrete and continuous spaces and underlies our research program. The research program is structured into three core research areas:

A Asymptotic invariants of groups and spaces

  • A1 Higher order Dehn functions
  • A2 Boundaries
  • A3 ℓ2-Invariants


B Deformation and moduli spaces

  • B1 Geometric structures on infinite surfaces
  • B2 Flows and parametrizations of deformation spaces
  • B3 Moduli spaces of Riemannian metrics and the Willmore functional on moduli spaces of curves


C Converengence, limits and degenerations of spaces

  • C1 Solutions of geometric partial differential equations
  • C2 Compactifications
  • C3 Invariant random subgroups and notions of convergence