Anything related to COVID-19

MA 2 Meeting


  • Mathias Krause: Aerosol distribution in breathing
  • Andreas Ott: Topological data analysis and critical mutations of the coronavirus
  • Wolfgang Reichel: Ideas for teaching a course "Mathematical models in biology"

We want to invite you to our next topical meeting. This time, we want to see what our area of methods does with respect to the pandemic. We therefore suggest a meeting with the rather wide-ranging title

"Anything related to COVID-19"

Please feel free to bring in your recent, current or projected research or activity on, e.g., aerosol simulations, differential equation models for diseases, teaching concepts for mathematical models in biology, communication with the public -  you name it. Do/did you have any Bachelor-, Master- or PhD-theses on this subject? Great - bring along your students and let them talk about it. Just as long as it fits into our area of methods (mathematical modeling, differential equations, numerics & simulation).

The meeting will take place in ZOOM on

March 11, 2021 from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.

Meeting-ID: 673 0143 1292

Kenncode: 911590

The meeting will have the following format: 60 minutes are reserved for short-talks, 30 minutes for discussion. For the short-talks we invite all interested groups or individuals to briefly present their topic within 5 minutes and up to 3 slides.

Due to time limitations up to max. 12 short talks can be included in this meeting. In order to prepare the meeting adequately, to group or possibly to combine talks, please send us your slides at latest one week before the meeting to this e-mail.

Deadline for slides:  February 18, 2021.

We will make the presentations available before the meeting. We are looking forward to receiving many interesting contributions. 

For questions and comments please contact:

Wolfgang Reichel and Gudrun Thäter