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Mathematics is the fundamental basis of the natural, economic and engineering sciences. Simulations, data evaluation and computer-aided systems would not be possible without arithmetic, algebra or statistics. At KIT, scientists from different disciplines conduct research in mathematics. They now contribute their expertise to the new Center "Mathematics in Sciences, Engineering, and Economics" (MathSEE). As one of the eight strategic research units, the platform has been uniting interdisciplinary mathematical research at KIT since 2018. The establishment of such a center was a first step to make the integrative, diverse mathematical research at KIT even more visible and to open it up for a broad spectrum of scientific applications.

The members cooperate in exchange formats and through interdisciplinary research projects that are structured according to method areas. The uniqueness of MathSEE becomes visible in each joint project, expert knowledge in the field of mathematical fundamentals and direct practical competence in application complement each other. Scientists at the KIT Center MathSEE are strongly engaged in research for the development of mathematical methods for an advanced understanding of various social challenges.

The Graduate School MathSEED offers a comprehensive program for doctoral and master students to promote interdisciplinary education. The MathSEE offers funding for seed projects and workshops and strengthens interdisciplinary mathematical research at KIT and its visibility to the outside world.

MathSEE supports Master students by providing scholarships, organizing summer schools, and modeling weeks. For more information on the latest news from the MathSEE center, please contact the MathSEE Office at mathsee does-not-exist.kit edu

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What is MathSEE?

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