Method Area 3

Inverse problems, optimization

A significant amount of research at KIT is related to imaging science. KIT operates a large collection of imaging modalities, ranging from nanoscale to global observations. There exists a rich portfolio of expertise covering research on novel imaging modalities, experimental work, expertise in mathematics and computer science. Another important field of research at KIT is material science. These are bundled in the "KIT Center Materials in Technical and Life Sciences".

The need for interdisciplinary collaboration in this area has been documented in the recent joint workshop "Data Science for Materials Science", which has been organized jointly by the KIT-Centers KCIST, MathSEE and Materials. Inverse problems and optimization problems are omnipresent in imaging science and in material science.

MB 3 focuses on interdisciplinary research in the area of inverse problems and imaging. To promote this effort, we have organized networking events, where we invited MathSEE members to give short presentations and to explain their research questions. The goal is to foster synergies across disciplines and to establish new collaborations. In the past two years MathSEE has funded two start-up projects on discrete electron tomography and on optimization of process simulation.

We have had two contributions from inverse problems at the MathSEE Symposium 2020. Within CRC 1173 (Wave Phenomena, Analysis and Numerics) there is a number of successful interdisciplinary collaborations related to MB 3 between physicists and mathematicians.