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Open Day MathSEE Impressions 5
Open Day MathSEE Impressions 5
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Open Day MathSEE Impressions 4
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Open Day MathSEE Impressions 2
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KIT Campus North opened its doors on the 17th June from 10 - 6 pm to all public with an affinity for science. KIT Center MathSEE presented its research, support of young scientists, program for school children through a variety of formats like scientific talks and exhibitions, simulation experiments, weather prediction offers and several puzzles and quizes. The event was a great way to interact and engage the public and all organizers were highly committed to enriching the experience for the visitors thereby making the event a huge success.

Details of MathSEE Program

Mathematics Student Lab

Ingrid Lenhardt and Peter Kaiser at the pupils laboratory from the department of Mathematics showed how much fun mathematics can be while training the mind at the same time. Solving riddles, training logical thinking with puzzles and learning systematic, patient approach to problem solving attracted many young visitors to the MathSEE Space.

Computational and Mathematical Modeling Program

CAMMP Group with Stephanie Hofmann, Alina Lenhard, Lisa Rantzau showed the hidden mathematics behind countless applications from our everyday life: Be it when Netflix suggests new movies, our smartphone is unlocked by facial recognition, or our position on earth is calculated by GPS.
Using a Fortune Wheel, the interested public could spin a topic, answer a question or get to learn about it from scientists and students at KIT and win exciting prizes and goodies.

Interactive Learning Platform for Seismic Imaging

Christian Wieners and Danielle Corallo presented backgrounds and practical applications of modeling, inverse imaging and simulations for seismic imaging.

In addition to visualizations of various interesting and practical applications of mathematics, interactive simulations on a large screen invited public to try things out themselves.

Contribution from Climate and Meteorology Sciences

Christian Grams and Sebastian Lerch gave an overview talk of the history of weather prediction from heuristics to artificial intelligence in talk on the “Quiet revolution of weather prediction”, and visitors could experience computing a weather forecast themselves as part of “Richardson’s forecast factory”, a game presented by Lea Eisenstein and Nina Horat.

What geometry tells us about the coronavirus

In his talk, Andreas Ott from Institute for Algebra and Geometry (IAG) showed what could be learned from the coronavirus family tree using geometry to understand how the virus evolved and adapted to its human host during the years of the pandemic.


Event Invitation

17 June 2023, KIT Open Day will take place under the Motto Effekt Voll at Campus North in Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen. Alongside several simulation games, puzzles, goodies and prizes to win, KIT Center MathSEE will present two lectures on how topics affecting science and society at the same time and invite everyone for participation and discourse:

Die stille Revolution der Wettervorhersage | 12:30 - 13:30 | Christian Grams, Sebastian Lerch
Was uns Geometrie über das Coronavirus verrät | 14:00 - 15:00 | Andreas Ott

Also visit the website of the event for more information.