Method Areas

In MathSEE, we are working together within the following method areas (MB). These are continuously evaluated and revised:

MA 1: Mathematical structures

Spokespeople: Andreas Ott, Andre Platzer

Video | Method Area 1
MB 2
MA 2: Mathematical modeling

Spokespeople: Wofgang Reichel, Bettina Frohnapfel, Gudrun Thäter, Davide Gatti

Video | Method Area 2
MA 3: Inverse problems, optimization

Spokespeople: Roland Griesmaier, Steffen Rebennack, Erik Bründermann

Video | Method Area 3
MA 4
MA 4: Stochastic modeling

Spokespeople: Nicole Bäuerle, Luise Kärger, Peter Knippertz

Video | Method Area 4