Spin-off cloudfluid successfully started

Customized flow simulations in the cloud

From cutting-edge research to industrial practice: flow simulations based on the Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) are becoming an effective tool for efficient and digital product development. Thanks to cloudfluid's cloud-based solution, which avoids expensive investments at the customer's site, precise simulations are now made available to small and medium-sized companies in particular. At the same time, customized software avoids high personnel costs for the end user. The development of advanced simulation technology, which was significantly driven by the Lattice Boltzmann Research Group (LBRG) at KIT, thus becomes a manageable tool.

Cloudfluid provides their clients with a customized Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for flow simulations. Working closely with their clients, a personalized, intuitive user interface is developed. This enables users to independently perform complex and elaborate flow simulations without expert knowledge.

Two of the four founders of cloudfluid, Dr.-Ing. Marc Haußmann and Max Gaedtke, successfully completed their doctorates at the Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering and Mechanics (MVM) last year. In the LBRG they investigated industrial applications for numerical flow simulations based on the Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM).

With an interdisciplinary background in numerics, software development and chemical engineering, they developed the idea of using the LBM not only in a goal-oriented way in the context of research, but also for industrial requirements.

They are now being supported in this technology transfer by the EXIST start-up grant from the BMWi and by their mentors Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Nirschl, Dr. Mathias J. Krause and PD Dr. Gudrun Thäter. Thomas Neumann and Dr. Rolf Blattner from KIT-Gründerschmiede also provide the founders with extensive advice on startup funding and entrepreneurship.

Further information on the start-up project and the technology used can be found at www.cloudfluid.de.