Current research projects

Interdisciplinary research projects of our members are the pillars of MathSEE. Cooperative projects like the Collaborative Research Centers CRC 1173 "Wave Phenomena" and CRC-TRR 165 "Waves to Weather" as well as the Research Training Groups RTG 2229 "Asymptotic Invariants and Limits of Groups and Spaces", RTG 2218 "Simulation mechano-electro-thermal processes in lithium-ion batteries", RTG 2078 "Integrated engineering of continuous-discontinuous long fiber reinforced polymer structures" and RTG 2450 "Tailored Scale-Bridging Approaches to Computational Nanoscience" or the "Helmholtz Information & Data Science School for Health (HIDSS4Health)" constitute larger contexts for individual research projects:

Coordinated Research Projects at MathSEE
Title Contact

Prof. Dr. Marlies Hochbruch, Prof. Dr Wolfgang Reichel, Prof. Dr. Roland Schnaubelt, Prof. Dr. Roland Griesmaier, Prof. Dr. Tobias Jahnke, Prof. Dr. Andreas Rieder, Prof. Dr. Christian Wieners

Prof. Dr George Craig, Prof. Dr. Volkmar Wirth, Prof. Dr. Peter Knippertz, Prof. Dr. Michael Riemer, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Mayer, Prof. Dr. Andreas Fink, PD Dr. Tijana Janjic-Pfander

Prof. Dr. Markus Elstner, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wetzel

Prof. Dr. Thomas Böhlke, Prof. Dr. Frank Henning

Prof. Dr. Thomas Wetzel, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bessler

Prof. Dr. Roman Sauer, Prof. Dr. Anna Wienhard

Prof. Dr. Ralf Mikut, PD Dr. Klaus Maier-Hein, Prof. Dr. Michael Gertz