MathSEE Modeling Week 2022

The 4th MathSEE Modeling Week will take place again in 2022, summer semester break. Register by sending an email at

What is Modeling Week?

As a student of a mathematical-methodical subject or the SEE subjects, you will come into contact with current and concrete mathematical questions of an interdisciplinary nature during the modeling week. You will work intensively for one week in small teams online or in a conference house on a question from the new KIT Center Mathematics in Sciences, Engineering and Economics, both from the university and the large-scale research area of the KIT. You will be supported by professors and research assistants. Your task will be to solve these problems by developing mathematical models and computer programs and by continuously refining your solution. After the week you will present your results to the advisors as part of a closing event online at KIT Campus South. The MathSEE Modeling Week complements your field of study and gives you insight into the application of mathematical modeling to highly relevant research topics. Moreover, the MathSEE Modeling Week gives you the opportunity to arrange student jobs or find an interesting topic for your thesis.


Students in mathematical-methodical subjects (mathematics, computer science) or SEE subjects (natural sciences, engineering, economics)
Note: There will be German-speaking and English-speaking groups.


The exact date for the 2022 modeling week will be communicated hier on the website very soon.


Online or DJH youth hostel in which case arrival and departure will be organized centrally.


Send an email to mathsee∂ by 15.07.2022.

The modeling week can be credited as the technomathematical seminar.
Die Modellierungswoche kann als das Technomathematische Seminar angerechnet werden. We will be happy to assist you.

Please note: Limited number of participants.

For further questions please contact mathsee, mathsee∂

The modeling week has been established and tested at the RWTH Aachen University for several years now. It is organized and run there, by the CAMMP (computational and mathematical modeling program) project and here at Karlsuhe, in cooperation with KIT Center MathSEE.