Dear doctoral students and early career researchers in MathSEE,

The MathSEE Lunch and the KCDS Lunch have merged. Starting this semester, we will meet for lunch every other week in the Mensa at Adenauerring.

When: Monday 12:00-13:00 (14-day rhythm)

Where: Mensa am Adenauerring Campus Süd - main hall, at the glass wall close to Schnitzel-Bar.

Dates: 22.04., 06.05., 20.05., 03.06., 17.06., 08.07., 22.07.2024

If you have friends, colleagues etc. who are interested in MathSEE or KCDS, please feel free to invite them.

Best wishes, Christian Sax

(Representative of doctoral students at MathSEE)