Offers of MathSEE

Fostering research

Our offers comprise of three pillars:

1. meetings within the areas of methods as well as center-wide events
All of our events are open all and listed under Events. During the MathSEE Modeling Week, students develop initial solutions to current interdisciplinary mathematical research problems posed in MathSEE - or our MathSEE ScienceSlam.

2. seed funding for smaller research projects in an early stage. Starting 2020, MathSEE offers to fund workshops organised in a tandem manner on topics combining expertise in mathematical methods togther with SEE disciplines. Our seed funds are exclusively available to MathSEE members. The current call for 2020 is online now. You can apply for a membership together with an application for funds.

3. matchmaking of potential cooperating partners, also externally
If you are looking for potential cooperation partners, you are welcome to contact the management office. Part of this offer is our overview of current offers for master theses and doctoral researcher positions.